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2018-12-09 Notes

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2018-07-28 Notes

Status update and next tasks

Week of 2018-06-11 Notes

‘A:‘B ratio. staging site.

2018-06-10 Notes

adding second measurements for all existing tracks. other new fields.

2018-06-09 Notes

detailed step by step workflow for adding a track. track geometry revisited.

2018-06-08 Notes

2018-06-03 Notes

Top tasks Methodology fine tuning Some lightweight visual improvements? Webmaster tools, Adsense Making contribution easier Split rss -> twitter. New tracks vs new posts A way to get fastest tracks in USA Shrink number of columns in track list Straightaway investigation New worksheet in current google sheet. Columns: Measure: turn diameter meters Measure: straightaway meters measure: straightaway parallel radius, based on endpoint of straightaway measurement total distance assumed: 400m Compute straightaway distance from turn diameter Compute turn distance from straightaway distance Compare measured to actual if equal: track is single radius compute each of the three double bend configurations from the iaaf manual, based on measurements.

2018-06-02 Notes

2018-05-29 Notes

taxonomies for common fields faster way to lookup elevation. cli? backfill elevation on every track a report sorting all tracks by elevation proactively push all us state _index.md files Methodology tweaks: The 5-12% error margin for double bend tracks. Does this make them faster or slower than our measurements? Simple measure credits more Turn distance than actual, which makes them appear faster. add a format field to each track.

2018-05-28 Notes

2018-05-27 Notes

Lapsrun add elevation lookup in google sheet. For each row in sheet where elevation is missing and lat, lon is set. Api call to elevation lookup service with lat, lon. Receive response, extract response, set elevation_meters column in same row. OR, use yaml files in laps.run repo as source of truth. make Lapsrun Enter new tracks for next week Embed google form on lapsrun site

2018-05-20 Notes

Track turns exactly semicircle? http://www.letsrun.com/forum/flat_read.php?board=1&id=3950437&thread=3949069#3950437 Old track site: http://www.trackinfo.org/tracks.html Lane 8 distance convo: http://www.letsrun.com/forum/flat_read.php?thread=250143 Oxy track: http://www.letsrun.com/forum/flat_read.php?board=1&id=2547419&thread=2547060#2547419 Dimensioning and Configuration A. Representative Track Configurations: In the design portion of the project, four basic concepts can be followed: Equal Quadrant Tracks - which are 400m or 1312.34’ (minimum distance) tracks with 100m along each curve and 100m along each straightaway, measured along the measure line of lane one. Non-Equal Quadrant Tracks - which are 400m or 1312.

2018-05-17 Notes

Continue adding two tracks per week. Queued. Need intermediate reports on each list page. Fastest tracks. Slowest tracks. Alphabetical. Need hard physics on running a curve. Can I normalize speed ratings. -100 to +100. Rather than addition subtraction. Theoretical minimum, maximum. Only straightway. Only steep turn. What is equivalent? Perfect circle vs long straights. Two tracks of different shapes with the same speed rating? Verifying total track distance. I’ve been assuming 400m.

2018-04-22 Notes

2018-04-21 Notes

2018-04-20 Notes

Is there a way we can measure faster? Purely online? Yes. Google maps Next steps. Take first two tracks and build Hugo pages. Simple template. Partial for track page content referencing data in frontmatter Frontmatter data: Name Latitude Longitude Distance Diameter in meters Turn lanes Home straight lanes Surface Home straightaway heading External urls: history, records, official Are we generating ids for each track? Url structure. Tracks/name Tracks/us/ca/name Tracks/us/name

2018-04-19 Notes