2018-05-17 Notes

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Continue adding two tracks per week. Queued.

Need intermediate reports on each list page. Fastest tracks. Slowest tracks. Alphabetical.

Need hard physics on running a curve.

Can I normalize speed ratings. -100 to +100. Rather than addition subtraction.

Theoretical minimum, maximum. Only straightway. Only steep turn.

What is equivalent? Perfect circle vs long straights. Two tracks of different shapes with the same speed rating?

Verifying total track distance. I’ve been assuming 400m. Need to track straight measurement.

Add optional home straight measurement to form.

Add water jump location to tracks, if present. Taxonomy. Fastest tracks with inside water jump. Outside water jump. Always turn 2?

Let’s run .com for discussions on track speeds. Other dimensions for speed such as surface, age, rebound, elevation. Also see boards for top prep, college, pro meets in the us, world.

Contributing: a nice way to create a pr for a new track from a form.

Some posts on methodology.

University media guides for track history. Dimensions. Surface type.

Some basic styling improvements. A logo Ads if eligible

Elac Near UCLA Two mid city. One a square with a baseball stadium inside One in the shadow of dodger stadium Just west of 110 on approach. Red circular