2018-06-02 Notes

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I think I need to measure track straightaways. Two core measurements from which all else can be determined.

  1. Measure Straightaway length. Deduce turn length.
  2. Measure turn “diameter”. Compute turn length
  3. compare turn length from 1 and 2. If same, single radius track. If different, likely double bend.
  4. Attempt to determine which double bend dimensions

We’ll revisit a handful of tracks in a derivative sheet to test

Taxonomies Country Track color Track surface Lanes Lanes lap Steeple water location

New field: heading/direction of home straight

How to retire a track? List views hide tracks with retired: true. But still have a taxonomy or tag page for retired.

Calculators/generators * arithmetic from my spreadsheets based on inputs: turn diameter, straightaway length * yaml generator with same inputs. * Pull request creator using GitHub oauth * elevation lookup

seed all 50 us states


mkdir -p content/track/us/al/
cat > content/track/us/al/_index.md <<EOF
title: "Alabama"

test a single run:

./bin/seed-state.sh "Rhode Island,ri"

run the above in a script and feed from csv file.

q -H -d "," "select State, lower(Abbreviation) from states.csv" | tr '\n' '\0' | xargs -0 -n1 ./bin/seed-state.sh

track lists

[x] render an html table, sort by speed?


it would be nice if we could do a numeric taxonomy using elevation. bucketing: 0-999 feet, 1000-1999 feet, etc

[ ] Track color [ ] Track surface [ ] Lanes [ ] Lanes lap [ ] Steeple water location [ ] Country (not sure if we will add this field or not, it is already present in path. could be how we get country lists though for US for example which has states below it)

Hmm. i’m remembering that taxonomies are defined as lists in frontmatter, even if there is always exactly one value. that is annoying.


holding on this for now.