2018-10-04 Notes

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speed ratings

turbolinks is a really slick javascript library. a very light touch which eliminates the jittery page loads. the lighthouse results were worse for initial page load with the turbolinks script added. we could try optimizing that. minified, embedded. as long is it degrades to the current behavior, i don’t think there is much downside. i need to check that google analytics tracks correctly with the history api navigation. i would assume it does. i still feel hesitant for reasons i’m not 100% sure of.

content list views


build/deploy reporting

with all the build data sitting in files in deploy/ and build/, i want a better way to look at them. there is no way to browse a list of the builds. there is no server file listing on s3 websites. i probably need to consume all the files in each directory and render out a listing page.

there is no backup of the files in deploy/ or build/. they are not in version control and versioning is not on in the bucket. that is fine for now i think.