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How-to Demo

Note: Take advantage of any reference lines on the infield, such as a soccer penalty box or football yardage lines. These will help your measurement line be as straight/perpendicular as possible.

Note: For simplicity/standardization our measurements are from the inner line/rail of lane one rather than the imaginary "measure line" in the IAAF rule book, which can be 10-30 cm out from the inner line of lane one.

Note: Zoom the map as far as you can while still keeping both inner edges of lane one in the window. This will make the precision as high as possible.




Next Steps

  1. Browse to the intended destination for the new track on (ex: california)
  2. Click "Create new file"
  3. Give the new file a name (ex: "")
  4. Paste the contents from the output box above
  5. Submit the pull request


Once the pull request is merged, the new track will appear on the website